Custom Help

Choose the color you want in either standard wire or high performance wire. After you place your order you will have a message or comment section,there you can describe what you need.If you are paying with Paypal there may not be a comment section so you will have to send an email explaining what you need. If your wire will have 90 degree boots and terminals on both ends I will need to know if you need both boots to point in the same direction or if you need one end to point up and the other end to point down. This is very important to prevent twisting when installed. Please list the ends you need using the letter next to them.


Wire (1)..7 inches long, ends B and C

Wire (2)..19 inches long, ends B and C.

Measure like this...this wire is 7 inches long with ends B and C

Choose from these ends

NOTICE: recently a lot of people have been relocating the coil on 2004 and later sportsters to the center of the motor, most of them are using ends D and G with 10 inch wires.If you have a 2003 or older Sportster use ends A and D. I hope this info helps